Two Musicians with clavichorde and traverse flute in a chamber

-Gouache, unknown german painter, ca 1740


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Clavichord at the Museum

Project in collaboration with museums aiming to make the clavicord more popular. In particular for children and adults wishing to begin to play a keyboard instrument the clavichord is the perfect start: portable, soft and subtle, light weight keys, usable in every appartment without disturbing anybody. Following the way of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and starting the musical activity with the clavichord is our motto for the visitors of the museum.

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Sounds of the softest philharmony, which move hearts by means of their soft spirit ...

"Dinner music for Conoisseures "

"Sound Travel in Space and Time for your Living Room - a Fashion Show"

"Music for Dreaming and Falling in Love at any Occasion"

★★★ Idea for a Gift ? Making Perfect your Party ? ★★★

The bird song of the traverse flute and the angel choir of the clavichord colorise a phantastic soundpainting by means of their playful musical communication, their dancing impulse and lively improvisations. In hisotrical costumes the program makes an authentic and unique impression.

The soft sounds of historical instruments inspire with a selection of musical repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Klezmer, from international folk music to impressionism, enriched by sensible improvisation, phantastic and witful melodies by G. B. Riccio, A. Vivaldi, J. M. R. Hotteterre, J. S. Bach, J. Quantz, W. A. Mozart, J. Haydn, E. Satie, et al.

From our Guest Book:

- Sounds like Butterflies in Spring Air...

- Magical Music and Artists!

- Marvellous played Baroque Music - Thank you!

- Nearly as in the castle of Rheinsberg flute music by the “Old Fritz”. Thank you for all virtuosity and carry on!

- Soft sounds reach the heart. Loudness reaches only the ear. Thank you for bringing happiness with so many soft sounds!

- An hour to stop and relax, transitions from piece to piece and an inspiring program guide a real "Gesamtkunstwerk".

- Many thanks for the concert - your music is like magic ...

- We listened to you the second time. For us it was even better than the first time ! How much we would love to have a CD from you...

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Tomomi Okuno born 1979 in Osaka, Japan, studies of Music in Osaka and Vienna at the University for Musik. Classical flute and focus on ancient music with traverse flute. Master classes in Germany, Netherlands, England, France and many Concerts in Europe and Japan.

Martin Rotter born 1968 in Klosterneuburg, Austria,studies of clarinet and piano at the University for Music in Vienna and Physics. Founder of the legendary "Glasscherben Quartetts", a formation for Viennese Schrammel music, where he fascinates the auditory with his "Pickssüßen Hölzl" (a small Viennese Clarinet in G). (

Both are active in musical consulting of children and adults with a lot of fun and passion.

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Tomomi Okuno

Martin Rotter

OPERAMANIA - the world's smallest opera company

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